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Curriculum Vitae  /  簡歷


Born in 1985, lives and works in Taipei now.



2012  M.A. in Art and design,National Taipei University of Education,Taipei,Taiwan

2008  B.A. in Art and design,National Taipei University of Education,Taipei,Taiwan

Solo exhibition

2023《Fluctuation》,Joyful Gallery, Taipei , Taiwan

2022《Properties》,A Gallery, Taipei , Taiwan

2021《Out The Boundary》,NAN Gallery, Taipei , Taiwan

2020《Boundless》,ISart gallery, Hsinchu , Taiwan
        《Island, Flowers, Period》,NAN gallery, Taipei , Taiwan
2019《Divine Ritual》, Farglory Museums, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2018《Transience/Space》,MUMU gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2017《Time in Transience》,NAN gallery, Taipei , Taiwan
2016《Block Time》,Helios gallery, Taipei , Taiwan
2015《Equinox Light》,Helios gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
        《irreversibility of Irretrievability》,MUMU gallery, Tainan,Taiwan

        《complex words / simply to say 》,Huang Po Hsun, 

          Li Cheng Hsun double solo exhibition ,
          Fu Jun Art Center,Macau, China                                              

2012《So, We’re walking around》, A gallery , Taipei , Taiwan

        《Extravagantly spend our glory》, Gai Art , Taipei , Taiwan

2011《Sense and Sensibility in abstract》, A gallery , Taipei ,Taiwan

        《One piece room》, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts , Taipei,Taiwan               

2010《Something you teach me》, Taichung , Taiwan

        《GEISAI TAIWAN#2》, Taipei , Taiwan

2009《GEISAI#12》,Tokyo Big Hall , Tokyo , Japan

        《GEISAI TAIWAN》, Taipei , Taiwan


Group exhibition


2024  《Sense of form》, Muzi Art , Taipei ,Taiwan

          《One Art Taipei》, Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei , Taipei ,Taiwan

          《Art Tainan》, Silks Place Tainan , Tainan, Taiwan

2023  《Art crafted by hand in the age of Generative AI》,PIER-2 art center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

          《Transformed- Translating Fossilized Coral Powder into Arts 》, Nan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2022  《Landscape of the city》, Tansbao Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2021  《Impression : in memory》, Modern Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

          《Timeless》, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

2020 《Memory》, HTC R&D Building , New Taipei city, Taiwan

         《Time Record : Five Types of Abstract 》, Nan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

         《Self-Media 》, Helios Gallery, Taipei , Taiwan
         《Think Like An Artist》 , 241 Art Gallery, Hsinchu , Taiwan
2019 《Gradient|15 Faces of Contemporary Art》, Jian Shan Construction , Kaohsiung, Taiwan

         《2019MIT》 , Art Taipei, Taipei , Taiwan
         《Asian Young Artist Group Show》 , Nansha Fangyuan Youth Art Exchange Center, Guangzhou , China
         《Shallow》 , Helios gallery, Taipei , Taiwan
         《Art Jakarta》 , Jakarta , Indonesia
         《Micro Interweaving》 , Gyusya , Taichung, Taiwan
2018 《PAPER•ART-2018》 ,MUMU gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
         《Shitsuke》,Helios gallery,Taipei,Taiwan   
2017 《Young Art Taipei》,Sheraton Hotel, Taipei ,Taiwan
         《Original self》,Helios gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
         《PAPER•ART-2017》 ,MUMU gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
         《Shape of memories》 ,LCWH, Yilan, Taiwan
2016 《Human Paradise》,Helios gallery,Taipei,Taiwan                           
         《Young Art Taipei》,Sheraton Hotel, Taipei ,Taiwan
         《Lonely Excursion 》, NAN gallery , Taipei , Taiwan                       
         《No.1 Exhibition》,Beijing Apple community,Beijing,China
         《Young Art Kaohsiung》,PIER-2 art center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2015 《Young Art Taipei》,Sheraton Hotel, Taipei ,Taiwan

         《Art Osaka》,Hotel Granvia, Osaka , Japan

         《Young Art Kaohsiung》,PIER-2 art center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
         《0F Pieces 》, NAN gallery , Taipei , Taiwan
         《Infinite repetition》,PIER-2 art center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2014 《Young Art Taipei》,Regant Hotel,Taipei,Taiwan


         《Asia Contemporary Art Show》,Conrad Hotel,HongKong,China

         《A total structure of the painting 》,Soka Art Center,Beijing, China 

         《Daily view》, NAN gallery , Taipei , Taiwan

2013 《15th  KOUSAKUTEN》,Kanazawa 21st Museum ,Kanazawa  , Japan

         《It’s like Shadow》,Liang Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

2012 《Inland People》, Soka art center , Tainan , Taiwan

         《14th  KOUSAKUTEN》,Kanazawa 21st Museum , Kanazawa  , Japan

2011 《GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Winner’s group exhibition》,KaikaiKiki Gallery , Taipei , Taiwan

         《13th  KOUSAKUTEN》,Kanazawa 21st Museum ,Kanazawa  , Japan

2010 《Young power》, Taipei , Taiwan
2009 《090309 Group exhibition》, Chunghwa , Taiwan

         《Mobile Man》, Taipei , Taiwan



2012  3331 Arts Chiyoda , Tokyo , Japan


Public collection


2018 《The Day Will Come Again》National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts , Taichung , Taiwan

2016 《Illusion of love》《Coco,Cambon No.31》《Boyhood》《250 Rectangles》

           National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts , Taichung , Taiwan
2015 《Angels》Institution Cultural,Macau,China
2013 《Wish you were here》《You’re so chic, so sexy》National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts ,

           Taichung ,Taiwan
2010 《The Violent Blue》National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts ,Taichung , Taiwan




2010   GEISAI TAIWAN#2 Kashiwa Sato personal award

2011   The 9th Annual Taoyuan Creation Award , selected

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